Where Did I Put app

The Short Version

Intro & Disclaimer

This is beta software for Google Glass. The app is intended to help people remember where they put things while working on projects, or just as part of every day life. I've done my best to test it, but use at your own risk. No guarantees, warranties, etc. The camera function is thanks to Darren Venn's great GlassCameraSnapshot utility class (Copyright (c) 2013, Darren Venn, All Rights Reserved). All data is stored locally, and there are no ads, usage tracking, or reporting back.


  1. Download the .apk.
  2. On Glass, turn on USB debugging (Settings > Device Info > Turn on debug).
  3. Connect to your Glass with a USB cable
  4. Install the Android Developer Tools.
  5. From the command line, run "adb install -r WhereDidIPut.apk".
  6. Depending on your path, you may have to run this from the same directory as adt and use the correct path to the apk.


Remembering an Object

To have glass remember the location of where you put something, look at the object (from far enough away to get some context), and say:
"Ok Glass"
"Remember where I put..." (brief pause) [the name of the object]

For example "Remember where I put... the hammer"

Glass will take a picture of the object and remember what you called it. Location is also stored, but will not be used until a future version. The image and object database are both stored locally on your Glass. IMPORTANT NOTE: Because this is beta software, there is a limit of 15 objects in the database.

Recalling an Object

To ask Glass where you put something, say:

"Ok Glass"
"Where did I put..." (brief pause) [the name of the object]

Glass will show you the picture of the object and the date you saved it. Tap to access the menu to close the app or delete the object. Right now, the app only returns exact matches, so "the screwdriver" is different than "screwdriver" or "the red screwdriver."

Listing All Objects

If you can't remember what you called something, or to just generally to see a list of everything, say:

"Ok Glass"
"Where did I put... everything"

You can then swipe left & right through the list of all objects. If you want to delete something, simply tap. The object will immediately be deleted.


  1. F rom the command line, run: "adb uninstall com.exonous.wheredidiput"

Suggestions / Bug Reporting

Send suggestions & bugs to cahorton+exonous you-know-what gmail.com